Eros. Error. Terror.

What is the play about?

Tallinnville is a blend of gripping, frightening and intoxicating stories taking place in one capital. The digital bubble has not yet been burst. The natural disaster has not yet occurred. The machines have not yet taken control. It seems that there is nothing more important than human tragedy.

Life in the metropolis of Tallinnville lulls its people into a sense of anonymity – they fall in love, betray, create and destruct unable to really notice the ripple effect their every action creates. People are created to make mistakes.

And machines are made to record them for ever…

Who are these stories for?

For those who enjoy dark humour.

For those who have searched for poetry. Or a rental.

For those, who have adventured on Tinder. For those who think about the environment.

For those who fear they cannot take care of themselves.

For those who are afraid of the apocalypse.

For people to are planning a family. For city planners. For IT-enthusiasts.

For the bullies and the victims. For politicians and do-gooders.

For the old and the young. For the friends of Tallinn.

Premieres on the 12th of November 2020 in the Theatre Hall at the Estonian National Library.

PS! There is smoking on stage!

PS! Latecomers will not be admitted to the auditorium and the tickets will be non-refundable.

Author and director:: Helen Rekkor (Teatriühendus Misanzen)
Dramaturg:: Mihkel Seeder
Designer:: Jaanika Jüris
Composer:: Sander Mölder
Light designer:: Sander Põllu
Video designer:: Sander Põldsaar
Cast:: Karolin Jürise või Henessi Schmidt, Piret Krumm, Ago Soots, Margo Teder
Photographer:: Siim Vahur (Tallinna Linnateater)